2.7.2009 - Working in the SAP env
In a new project we are running for months now we are building open source based shops connected with SAP APIs to provide data exchange capabilities with the customers ER...
28.8.2008 - New Partnership:
We just got our first deal closed with which is Australias #4 real estate portal. Tschitschereengreen is going to build a new core DB as well as data import...
11.8.2008 - English Website
Due to our new Australian and Italian customers we launched our website in English a few days ago. According with this we will start with leaving the German market headi...

10 years project biz, we got to change!

2003 to 2013: 10 years of project biz. We did see anything possible. Now its time to change. Our staff is working for nicer bosses, our clients found better development corps. And we? Jirka and Tina? You will find us in Lissabon. If you're around, your're invited for a coffee at Tasca Tosca.